Trainumentary 2: Lake Wenatchee Dining Car, wooden caboose, Pend O’Reille River Sleeper

Click here to enjoy Trainumentary 2, a video featuring the Lakeshore Railway Museum in North East, PA.


Train enthusiasts will enjoy this trip of days of railroad past. Watch a walk through the Lake Wenatchee dining car, then get a real feel for what it was like to catch some traineriffic shut-eye aboard the Pend O’Reille River sleeper car, followed by a walk-through of the old wooden “164” red caboose.

This authentic railway display is made possible by the untiring efforts of the Lake Shore Railway Historical Society and Museum in North East, PA on the Lake Erie shoreline.

Video c. 2014 by Vacationing Parakeet Productions (VPP). Original musical composition “Urban Train Song” c. 2014 Christine Lorraine Music Collection, and was written specifically for this video. Photos c. 2014

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