Train travels across america ~ a trainumentary picture show

by Christine Lorraine Morgan, page started 03/31/2022

Within this presentation are some pretty amazing views, many of which were captured from a moving train window. Others were taken while walking or sitting still.

Trains involved with this picture show include:

*Lakeshore Limited

*Sunset Limited

*Texas Eagle

*Phoenix AZ Lightrail

All Aboard! Here we go…

Outside of Austin, TX

Train station in Waterloo, IN

Marfa, TX Lights Festival banner in front of Presidio County Courthouse ~ Aug. 25, 2019

The spacious grandeur of Washington DC’s Union Station greets travelers.

Train engine display at Tucson, AZ historic train depot ~ September 2019

St. Louis, MO train station

Hanging with the trains in St. Louis, MO

Pegasus Park ~ Dallas, TX as seen from a moving train window

Infomart ~ Dallas, TX. “The design was modeled after The Crystal Palace, a huge iron and glass building originally erected in Hyde Park in 19th century Britain to house the Great Exhibition of 1851” according to wikipedia.