Watch the Erie Zoo train cross a 103-year-old trestle on Trainmentary 17

After winding through the zoo, this mini-train travels across a 200-foot concrete bridge/trestle twice. On the second crossing, on the way back to the station, the trestle comes into full view. The trestle was originally constructed as a bridge across the mighty Mill Creek, which flooded the City of Erie in 1915, killing over 30 people, including the fire chief. The bridge, which also serves as a driftcatcher to prevent further flooding, was constructed in 1916, and updated in 2010. It was adapted for use as a mini-train trestle in the mid 20th century. Still photos by Michael L. Morgan.

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Where Is She?

Trainumentary Trivia Question: Can you identify the railroad-related home of this stunning piece of art? To see the correct answer, scroll down below the statue.

00000 IMG_6577 lady statue in union station chicago





Answer: Chicago Union Station – this photograph was taken in February 2017, shortly after extensive renovations had been made to restore this incredible transportation hub.

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