Trainumentary 5: Starring US Navy #3 Steam Locomotive, Cape Cod Hyannis car



This journey into America’s railroad past features two revamped passenger cars and US Navy steam engine #3, which have operated as restaurant components in Ocean View, DE since the mid-2000s. Special thanks to the staff of The Salted Rim for allowing us to present this trainumentary. Visit them at
This video is c. 2015 Vacationing Parakeet Productions (VPP). Three original musical compositions are c. 2015 Christine Lorraine Collection: “A La Dining Car,” “Grand Station Rock,” and “Train Ride in Blue.”
Watch Trainumentaries 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8 all on this youtube channel. Click the orange “subscribe” button to see new VPP videos as they’re released.
All aboard! Enjoy Trainumentary 5: US Navy #3 Steam Locomotive,  Cape Cod Hyannis 2526,  Washington Baltimore 2524

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