Trainumentary Trivia: Ghost Train Hunter

Sadly, where was a ghost train hunter accidentally killed by a train in 2010?

a. Clarksville

b. Bermuda Triangle

c. North Carolina

d. Folsom Prison

Find the correct answer beneath this image of a desolate stretch of track somewhere in Indiana. Photo c. 2016

2016-01-11 001 058


c. North Carolina

According to the article at the CNN link below:

” — The facts: On August 27, 1891, a passenger train jumped the tracks on a tall bridge near Statesville, North Carolina, sending seven rail cars below and about 30 people to their deaths….Shortly before 3 a.m. Friday, on the 119th anniversary of the Bostian Bridge train tragedy and at about the same time, between 10 and 12 ghost hunters were on that approximately 300-foot long span.”

The CNN piece goes on to explain that it was on this  anniversary that one ghost train watcher was killed and another was injured. Read the entire piece at

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