Trainumentary Trivia: Backtracking to Early Rail Systems


Early functional railway track systems were known as:

a. Buggy Guiders

b. Wagonways

c. Crank Planks

d. Transylvanian Tracers

Find the correct answer beneath the photo of multiple train tracks, which was snapped looking out the back window on the Texas Eagle at sunset. photo c. 2016

2016-01-25 001 007.JPG

b. wagonways

“The first true railways, using a flange to keep the wheel on a rail, were developed in the early 17th century. In 1604, Huntington Beaumont completed the Wollaton Wagonway,  built to transport coal from the mines at Strelley to Wollaton Lane End, just west of Nottingham, England.”


Feature photo of Dallas, TX city skyline beyond tracks c. 2016




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