Trainumentary Trivia: Candid Caboose

At some point in the 1830s, as railways became longer, cabooses began appearing on the train track horizon. This was because railroads had started to provide functional housing for employees in shanties, which were often constructed directly onto flatcars or boxcars.

Aside from serving as the office for the train’s conductor, there were typically two other trainmen stationed in the caboose. They were:

a. Electrician and Doctor

b. Brakeman and Flagman

c. Candlestick Maker and Cook

d. Topographer and herbalist

The correct answer can be found beneath this photograph of the yellow Union Pacific caboose, which is stationed at Greenville Railroad Park, PA.

2015-08-20 001 012.JPG


The correct answer is “b,” Brakeman and flagman, according to information posted at the Union Pacific website

Photo c. 2015 by

Feature photo shows The Texas & Pacific Railway caboose that is presently on display in Mineola, TX. This image is c. 2016 by



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