Trainumentary Trivia: Casey Jones’ hand

Q: When Casey Jones’ body was recovered, one hand was on the whistle cord, the other was on the

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Find the answer beneath the image showing the interior of Bessemer steam engine 304/604, which sits in immense solitude at the Greenville, PA Railroad Park. Photo c. 2015 by
 2015-08-20 001 045
A: Air-brake lever
 Jones had instructed his fireman, Sim Webb, to save himself just before the crash, so Webb managed to survive with only minor injuries. Webb was quoted as stating, “As I jumped Casey held down the whistle in a long, piercing scream.” He attributed this fact to be the reason Jones was still clutching the whistle cord and air-brake lever as he traveled into death’s grip.
Source: “The True Story Of Casey Jones” From “Erie Railroad Magazine” Vol 24″ (April 1928)

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