Lake Shore Railway Museum – North East, PA…Old wooden caboose interior, Lake Wenatchee Dining Car, Burlington photos

All photos c. 2014 Christine Lorraine and may not be reproduced or reposted without photo credit

16757391073_524dfd203c_o     17375720192_cf3e0a3c1e_o16755157484_b81eea8fd4_o

16755161064_1109e80185_o     2014 train signs north museu

16757403053_b282d5664b_o    16757404423_ece6a655e3_o16757406723_da17e281b8_o    17170221227_170311761f_o

17170224877_e5ab361891_o    17170230907_0de3d4ac64_o

17377667595_d9768a2e08_o    17189887088_372100bfa4_o17190104250_74b065abf3_o

17190113390_6fd4eeabbd_o    17191438609_bdfd380520_o

17191454249_8b8c8052bd_o     17375704892_ce45512d0e_o17191461019_3606dd5064_o

17375727922_d130c78df6_o     17377019685_3e0d06d8b6_o

17377351691_6ec2fb358e_o     17377688785_c0533d02eb_o

17377361451_3abeb87d58_o      17377691895_b4cec9b3e0_o17377694715_66ee36920b_o        17377701195_8c48a6985f_o

17375721652_0376cf512d_o      17375723702_bbc82ffe89_o



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