Trainumentary 19: Experience this Train Ride Along “The Wall” on US-Mexico Border

In 2013 there was a nothing but a chain link fence along this same stretch. In 2017 this new replacement border was under construction. Here is what it looked like as of Aug. 25, 2019.


Watch the Erie Zoo train cross a 103-year-old trestle on Trainmentary 17

After winding through the zoo, this mini-train travels across a 200-foot concrete bridge/trestle twice. On the second crossing, on the way back to the station, the trestle comes into full view. The trestle was originally constructed as a bridge across the mighty Mill Creek, which flooded the City of Erie in 1915, killing over 30 people, including the fire chief. The bridge, which also serves as a driftcatcher to prevent further flooding, was constructed in 1916, and updated in 2010. It was adapted for use as a mini-train trestle in the mid 20th century. Still photos by Michael L. Morgan.

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