Trainumentary 13: Stop, Look & Listen to this Model Train Layout by the French Creek Valley Railroad Historical Society


Enjoy this latest episode in the ongoing “Trainumentary” series, which features a model train layout loosely designed after Meadville, PA.



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IMG_6232 (2)

Challenge: See if you can find the above Erie caboose in the model train featured in Trainumentary 13. Incidentally, this caboose is parked in Meadville, PA for the public to enjoy.

Trainumentary Trivia: Bad Caboose Sightings

Where do you think this dilapidated Missouri Pacific caboose is visible from a train stop?

a. Texas

b. Alaska

c. Romania

d. Punxsutawney, PA

Find the correct answer beneath the photo of the caboose in question.


01242016 caboose in texas with website full size

a. Texas

This photo was snapped during a brief stop on a recent train ride through the state of Texas.

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Trainumentary Trivia: Tasty Texas Treat

Passengers aboard the Texas Eagle often look forward to briefy stepping off the train at its El Paso stop to get their hands on which tasty treat?

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Below: This rich Rio Grande view is what Texas Eagle riders see as the train glides above it. Both photos by Christine Lorraine taken January 12, 2016.  Above – Steeple in El Paso, TX near the Amtrak station.

2016-01-13 001 113


Answer: Passengers often enjoy a fresh, hot burrito from a well-known local vendor while the train stops in El Paso.

Trainumentary 1 – From Ohio to Arizona as seen through a train window in 10 minutes

Take the scenic route across this great nation with Trainumetary 1, from Ohio to Maricopa County, AZ. The way things look as a railroad passenger is notably different than what car travelers typically see, and the train view is quite a stark difference from the brief glimpse one gets from a jet window. Join us for this eye-opening 2,000-mile trip.

You’ll particularly enjoy the old-school deep-voiced conductor’s announcements when he boards the train in Fort Worth, Texas.

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